AFT Local 212 wins victory
over pay

Local 212 gets many calls from our members requesting assistance and support.  We would like to share with you a recent positive outcome that demonstrates successful advocacy on your behalf by your union.

In March, a number of teachers who covered classes as substitutes were directed to revise submitted time sheets. They were told to record substitute teaching in  minutes instead of teaching periods despite the fact that the current Employee Handbook, the old contracts, and the practice agreed upon by Local 212 and the MATC administration are clear that faculty are paid by the period.

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Protecting Students From Bad Colleges

By failing for decades to regulate for-profit colleges, the federal government encouraged a predatory industry that saddled poor and working-class people with crippling student debt, often in return for useless degrees or no degrees at all. The industry accomplished this by relying on the federal student aid program for virtually all of its revenue. But the Obama administration took steps last week that could keep future students from falling into this trap.

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Pace of teacher exodus in Milwaukee area outpaces state, report says

Public school teachers in the Milwaukee area are leaving the profession at a higher rate than the state as a whole, and Wisconsin’s teacher preparation programs are not enrolling enough candidates to fill their shoes in the classroom, according to a new report released Monday by the nonprofit Public Policy Forum.

“Help Wanted: An Analysis of the Teacher Pipeline in Metro Milwaukee” is the last in a three-part series by the forum that has looked at local workforce trends for teachers and principals.

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The Top 5 Faculty Morale Killers

A good midlevel manager can make all the difference in determining whether faculty life is satisfying or unbearable.

For nearly two-thirds of my 30-year career in higher education, I have served as a middle manager of one sort or another: department chair, dean, program director. For the other third, I have been middle-managed.

Of course, even as a low-level administrator, I had plenty of people above me telling me what to do. I also had people below me who, given the chance, gladly told me what to do.

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Unionizing Pays Big Dividend for Professors at Regional Public Universities

Full-time instructors at regional public universities earn an average of about $21,000, or nearly 25 percent, more in pay and benefits annually if they belong to a union, concludes a groundbreaking new study of compensation at such institutions.

The location and size of the employer also makes a big difference. Those in larger suburban public universities, the highest-paying category of institutions studied, earned an average of nearly $17,000, or 20 percent, more in pay and benefits annually than those at midsize rural institutions, the lowest-paying category.

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Milwaukee Area Technical College’s education professionals voted overwhelmingly, once again, to
recertify their union, American Federation of Teachers, Local 212.

98 % of the Full-time faculty, counselors and accountants who voted, voted “Yes” for Local 212 representation.

99.5 % of the Professional staff, full and part-time, who voted, voted “Yes” for Local 212 representation.

98 % of Part-time faculty who voted, voted “Yes” for Local 212 representation.

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